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“If every new design traced back to a classic, we will never have a classic of our own times.” Hypergrand is a timepiece brand that was set up in 2013, with the aim to create watches drawn from the influence of the times we live in. The inspiration of the designs are taken from current are, music, culture, style and practically anything that is the essence or our era - Creating products that celebrate classics of our own.

An interesting fact about the brand is that they are the first brand to create the world’s first graphic printed NATO strap. The NATO strap, a simple wizardry that allows it to be changed off any watch with the most ease, was the vehicle which allowed HyperGrand to make timepieces relevant to art and style. One of the notions of our century is individuality, and here at HyperGrand, we are proud to bring to you the ultimate tool of individual expression.