Stylish CNYTTAN Socks in Singapore | The Assembly Store

“We believe in our daydream”

CNYTTAN is a hosiery brand that intended to serve as a key component of the wardrobes of creative dressers. They also aimed to deliver unequaled ingenuity and craftsmanship to discerning customers. People might have never considered the combination of quirky design socks with brown slip-on loafers. But if you tried it and liked it, then you would have been wearing them ever since.

At CNYTTAN, their brand image is to create an unexpected elegance and they tend to strive to help their customers find their own unique style. However, unlike our competitors, they strongly believe simply being classic is just not enough. They are confident that, for many people who have thought of socks as throw away items, trying their products will be a very eye-opening experience.