Slim Line Bellroy Wallets in Singapore | The Assembly Store

Bellroy is an eco-friendly brand created to slim your bulky wallet. But just slim isn’t enough. The brand aimed to create elegant, functional yet delightful to use products that offer a surplus in value.

By constantly improving the solutions in creating slim wallets, they hope to create wallets that adapt along the customers which enable them to move between work and play without any worries.

Bellroy also hope their customers can join in their community in taking care of the environment. The material that they use to create their wallet is Hide, a material that has strenght, durability and resilience, while also managing to be supple and bend to your needs. At Bellroy, the wallets use three main types of leathers, each designed to maximize the intended use of that particular style. So, whether you want a wallet that will look newer for longer, or one that will develop a rich patina with wear – they’ve got you covered ...