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AÃRK is a Melbourne based timepiece brand owned by four designers that are driven by the desire to create. The watches are made to loved and to last. They strongly believe in good design, long lasting products and connecting with likeminded individuals.

They tend to keep things personal and their approach is simple, honest and heartfelt. What AÃRK creates is based on what the designers feel and they do it out of love. The timepieces are a reflection of who they are, what they love and everything they believe in.

The aim of the brand is to create a perfect harmony between design, functionality and the aesthetics of the timepieces. Hence, they meticulously scope and constantly refine each detail. The essential structure of each watch is inspired by their appreciation of geometry, graphic elements and minimalist design. It is the process of balancing these factors with the unique function of each movement that forms the individual characteristics of the timepieces.

Besides, they believe quality starts with the raw material; therefore, the timepieces are made with only the most trusted components which includes of 316L surgical steel, Italian calfskin leather and precision Japanese Quartz movements. Rigorous testing to certify reliability, along with careful assembly by the most expert hands, ensures that the timepieces are built to withstand life’s daily hustles.